Kamman Consultancy provides a broad range of services to the clinical research industry. We have extensive experience in the entire clinical research process ranging from phase I through phase IV trials as well as in investigator initiated studies and in various areas such as cardiology, oncology, immunology, metabolic diseases and medical devices.

No one can what Kamman can!


Kamman Consultancy was founded by Jeanette Kamman, a professional with over 25 years of experience in the clinical research industry.
She worked in various positions for hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as clinical research organizations. Her positions ranged from research nurse, clinical trial monitor, project manager, clinical operations manager to senior management positions. Jeanette was also involved in setting up core labs for imaging techniques such as vascular imaging and bone densitometry. Throughout her career, she has gained extensive knowledge in the clinical research industry and has developed a very pragmatic approach, high quality standards and a work attitude focused on meeting the client needs and timelines in the most efficient way.
For more detailed information a CV can be provided upon request.


Project Management

A project manager has a leading role to make sure that your project will be successfully completed on time, on budget and within the highest quality standards.

We have the experience and strong organizational skills to help you achieving your goal. Whether you need assistance in the feasibility, site selection, design, conduct or progress of your study, we can support all your business needs with flair and a pro-active approach.



Monitoring is an essential part of clinical studies to obtain clean and credible data.  Kamman Consultancy can provide assistance in:

  • Developing the monitoring manual
  • Executing on-site visits to train the site and check the data and the compliance to the protocol and regulations:
    • Selection visits
    • Initiation visits
    • Monitoring visits
    • Close-out visits
  • Monitoring of investigator initiated studies



Audits are performed in order to review the quality of the study performance within clinical studies. The following audits can be performed by Kamman Consultancy:

  • Trial Master File audits
  • Site audits & study progress audits


Regulatory and administrative support

Kamman Consultancy has the experience and knowledge to provide regulatory and administrative support during the start-up, execution and closing phases of your study such as:

  • Submission of the clinical trial dossier to the Ethics Committees and/or Competent Authority
  • Development, translation and/or review of study-related documents
  • Translating/reviewing study documents
  • Development of Standard Operating Proceduret



Kamman Consultancy can offer standard training courses as well as tailor made courses such as:

  • WMO-GCP training
  • Monitor training
  • Monitoring training investigator initiated studies
  • On-the-job training


If you are interested or if you need more information,
please contact me via e-mail or phone.

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T:   +31 10 4806901
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